The old chassis was obviously worse than we thought! As if we didn’t expect it to be bad!! Good job we decided to do the change now.

We carried on dismantling everything off the old chassis.

After removing everything we discarded the old chassis. (As a by the way, the middle section was in very good condition, - it still had the powder coating intact. I believe that if you want to get a Spyder update, so you don’t need to keep replacing the uj's, they actually use your old chassis's middle section?? I’m not 100% on that; perhaps someone can put me right? Anyway, if anyone wants my old chassis middle section get in touch!)

We now put the new chassis in the garage and started to renovate, replace, repaint etc

I had purchased new Spax shock absorbers. Seeing as they were bright yellow I decided to colour code them to my Venetian Red! I know SADDDD - but it has to be done!

Managed to find a supplier of rubberised foam exactly like what was originally used. So this was replaced as well.

Everything I could wire brush and paint with Hammerrite- I did. Brake shoes, springs, diff etc Even though it is galvanised, and I know its belts and braces, - because I don’t EVER want to have to do this again, I even decided to paint the new chassis especially on the welds, around the holes etc The only bit I didn’t paint was the middle section so Roger and I could have our names for posterity!! (see photo) Really SADDDD !!!


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