Before starting we gathered together all the items we would need for the job. Principally

huge Axle stands which Roger borrowed from a mate at his work. Also 2 large floor joists which I had at home. (I knew they would come in for something!) We also had loads of different size containers for the various nuts and bolts, screws, and other fittings with notes in each container as to where they had come from. We also made a diagram of the chassis and the different size body bolts so we would know where they went during refitting.

We also took notes regarding which bolts and fittings had been tightened during re-fitting and which bolts were kept slack to allow the body to bed down after it had been refitted.

Although we had seen another site which suggested that you could do this chassis change without taking the engine and gearbox out, we decided to do so thus making it easier to roll the car backwards and forwards and also have more room to manoeuvre the chassis.

First we started with the car in the garage.

We removed the bonnet and stored it well out of harm’s way.

Then removed the engine and gearbox as one and stored that out of the way as well. Undid all the chassis bolts and all other peripherals. Had a 'dummy' run on lifting the body off to make sure we had loosened everything. At this point we realised that I had left both windows down and had a major job finding an earth point so they would close. In the end we removed the door side panels and put power direct to the motor. So don’t make the same mistake as us if you are attempting this!

Good job for the dummy run we forgot to unbolt the inner seat belt bolts.

Wheeled the car outside and gradually jacked up the body. We took it VERY easy and lifted it in gradual stages. With having given the car a respray last year I wouldn't have been a happy bunny if the body had slipped off!

After a bit of manuvering we got it high and clear of the chassis. For safety purposes, because the body was going to be left outside for a couple of weeks, we then lowered the body down until it felt quite secure.

The chassis was then wheeled into the garage so we could then start removing everything else -- fuel lines, brake pipes, removed the diff. rear brakes, springs, etc etc

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