Autofurniture was set up when the founder managed to 'blow-up' his pride and joy Classic Lotus sports car on the motorway at 70 mile per hour (He was not going any faster than the legal limit of course!).(Afterwards it transpired that a faulty oil filter had blocked with the subsequent result.)
With big holes in the block, bent valves etc, the only thing salvageable from the engine was the cylinder head. It was decided to replace the engine and keep the cylinder head in case of any further problems in the future. But where to keep it? In a garage or shed would only hasten the onslaught of rust but you can hardly keep your pride and joy, (or what’s left of it) in the house -- or can you?
So it was decided to build a coffee table from the remains, making it in such a way, using the original bolt holes etc so that if the need arose in the future it could revert back to its original purpose.
However, on building the table, such were the favourable comments from friends, family and various visitors, that from starting out being a quirky idea to salvage some parts, it has now grown into a flourishing business, focusing on recycling and transforming old engines, wheels and other automotive parts, into new functional sculptural forms.
We now design, manufacture and sell a range of furniture to order and are happy to accept commissions from our discerning clientele.